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Ninth generation of winegrowers on the Estate, the path of Clémentine and Bastien was naturally traced. But here it is: choosing such a profession cannot be inevitable.
In an often capricious nature, only an atavistic passion can allow the vine, a demanding mistress, to give the best of itself, with the avowed aim of seeking the most subtle pleasures.

Our History


Our 24 hectares of plots, are spread over the blue and grey marl soils of Ménétru-le-Vignoble, located at the heart of the A.O.C. Château-Chalon, the greatest vintage among yellow wines in Jura, up to red gravels of Blandans or Frontenay, where are located excellent red wine grapes.
Our vines are also situated on clay-limestone soils of the villages L'Etoile and Quintigny. These soils are well known for the delicacy of their white wine grapes. Then, our Domaine is surrounded by sunny hillsides named "Côtes du Jura" in the Village of Le vernois and Voiteur. Terroir of predilection for Chardonnay and Savagnin.

Our Domain

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National Terra Vitis Federation
A recognized certification dedicated to the wine industry